Monday, 12 March 2012

Weight Loss on Holidays

Holidays are always full of temptations and sumptuous meals. It’s difficult to adhere to a diet when you are on a holiday. However, if you have made up your mind to shed those extra kilos you have put on or want to check on your diet even when you are enjoying yourself no one can really stop you from doing that. While on joy trips you can adopt fastest weight loss diet or weight loss exercises that will help you get back in shape quickly.
  • Eat slowly. This way you will be able to avoid the urge to have extra helping of a dish. You will also enjoy every mouthful you take and enjoy your meals more.
  • You are on a holiday and you will surely want to try out new foods. But remember to follow the same healthy eating rues you follow at home. That is, to avoid fried, oily fatty and sugary foods. You should maintain your regular diet of raw fruits, vegetables, bread, rice, pasta or potatoes.
  • While eating outside opt for low fat spread and if you wish to have milk ask for skimmed milk. Make sure to steer clear of deep fried, roasted, pan fried and dishes that come in creamy sauces and contain pastry.
  • Don’t jump on every food on offer on the menu. Vary your combination. You needn’t necessarily have all three courses and choose to have either starter or dessert but not both.
  • Have fruit, cereal and bread for your breakfast, grilled chicken or fish with lots of greens and salad for main meals. You can have fresh fruits to snack on later in the day.
  • Most of the big hotels have free gymnasium facilities within the hotel premises for their guests. Avail this facility and work out regularly. Devote your time and don’t skip weight loss exercises as you wouldn’t if you were at home.
Holidays are the leisure time when you would like to try out new things including new dishes but don’t forget to keep an eye on the calories you consume. Choose your food sensibly and you won’t do much damage to your diet and will be able to keep your weight on check. So, have fun and eat healthy.


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  2. You know I’m one of those people, who both like and dislike holidays at the same time. I like it for a break, but the additional pounds? Not really. I don’t know why holidays give me the calories-don’t-count mentality. Or was it just me? ;) The key in here, really, is discipline. Since moving some muscles is not really a popular option during the holidays, we need to be more cautious with our eating habits.

    Pearlie Twiford

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  4. If a person work hard during other 5 days of the week it is really hard to make exercise in holiday.I usually try to run at least half an hour.Thanks for great advices for fastest way to lose weight .

  5. The combination of proper diet and exercise is certainly the most effective, and healthy way of losing weight. You really do not have to hate food to lose weight. Just eat the right amount and types of food and you’ll come a long way. Starving is not healthy and it can also lead to sickness. Also, remember to exercise every day, as much as possible, to lose weight faster. If you have no idea what type of exercise to perform, you can always check out videos from YouTube and select the proper exercise that your body can handle.

    Jacinto Hukle

  6. You’re right, Pearlie. Discipline and a positive mindset are the keys to maintain a healthy lifestyle even during the holidays. With these, you can definitely indulge, in moderation, and enjoy the rest of the season. =)

    - Anna Higgins

  7. We each have a reason to eat during holidays! Well, obviously, it’s because there are a lot of scrumptious food around the corner. It’s really hard to resist. Hahaha! All the same, self discipline is really important. If you’re really conscious about your health and figure, you will do your best to resist overeating and maintain a healthy body.

    Terry Bayer

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